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VP360  is a value added Solutions Provider specializing in the distribution and integration of Computer Systems for the private and government sectors. Because of the proliferation of applications and the fact that it’s impossible to serve all markets, we have chosen a select few vertical markets to serve intensively but will also provide solutions to virtually any business enterprises’ computer needs. We have selected several verticals to serve that are very high profile in today’s world and are extremely fast growing with the utilization of high-tech computing. These several verticals are:

Public Safety
Oil & Gas
Health Care

Our services encompass the complete systems design from defining requirements, hardware integration, configuration, vendor and project pre-deployment management, disk image management, and total cost of ownership analysis.

We also distinguish ourselves by providing our clients the systems necessary for clear communications, objective evaluation, product comparisons, and pre-sale and post sale support. It is our intent to do everything possible to get you the right solution for your need. If you need samples, same day shipping or a leasing program, we make every effort to accommodate those needs. In short, it will be easy to do business with us.  Click here to learn more about Why VP360 is the best choice.

Our Solutions Partners

We work with great brands to bring you the best solutions.


VP360 provides and integrates full Comprehensive End-to End Solutions, not just products, specializing in Mobile and Fixed Video Surveillance for the Public Safety and Private Security Markets.

Industry Solutions

Our services cover the complete systems design, hardware integrations, network configurations, deployment, and total cost analysis in several modern, high-growth industries that rely on technology.

Products & Equipment

When mobile workforces are equipped with mobile computers, employees can be productive anywhere, anytime. We provide the safest products on the market to increase productivity and reduce expenses.

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Why VP360?

Click here to find out why VP360 is the best choice to increase productivity and reduce expense.

VP360 is the leader in providing end-to-end technology solutions for some of the fastest growing industries in the world. Let us build a solution for you. Call today! 1-888-988-7360